Bird Removal

Bird removal in Vancouver, BC is an important part of pest control, especially in the commercial/business sector where birds like seagulls and pigeons can become an expensive and revenue altering pest. Local Trauma Clean and Local Pest Control bird removal and prevention are capable of humanely and effectively relocating birds away from the property so that your family or customers are unaffected.

Pest control services for bird removal typically involve humane and effective methods to address bird-related issues, such as nesting, roosting, and droppings.

Bird Control in Vancouver

Here are some common approaches used by pest control professionals for bird removal:

  1. Bird Netting: Installing bird netting is a common method to prevent birds from roosting or nesting in specific areas. The netting is designed to be durable and resistant to bird damage.
  2. Spikes and Deterrents: Bird spikes are devices with protruding spikes that make it uncomfortable for birds to land or roost on surfaces like ledges, rooftops, or signs. Other deterrents include gel or repellent surfaces that discourage birds from landing.
  3. Trapping and Relocation: In some cases, live trapping may be used to capture and relocate birds to a more suitable environment. This method is often reserved for situations where other options are not feasible.
  4. Ultrasonic Devices: Some pest control services use ultrasonic devices that emit sound frequencies that are unpleasant for birds but generally inaudible to humans. These devices can be effective in deterring birds from specific areas.
  5. Visual Deterrents: Various visual deterrents, such as reflective materials, scarecrows, or predator-shaped decoys, are used to create an environment that birds find inhospitable.
  6. Cleaning and Sanitization: Bird droppings can pose health risks, and pest control services may include cleaning and sanitization to remove droppings and associated debris. This can help prevent the spread of diseases and maintain a clean environment.

It’s essential to hire a licensed and experienced pest control professional for bird removal to ensure the use of humane methods and compliance with local regulations. The potential environmental impact and local laws protecting certain bird species is crucial in the removal process.

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