Crime Scene Cleanup

After law enforcement, EMS and the coroner have left a crime scene, family members, property managers and business owners are faced with the daunting task of cleaning up after the traumatic event. Having a compassionate, discreet and local company to clean the space can help the family or affected businesses move forward safely and with less emotional trauma.

Our crime scene cleanup service in Vancouver, BC incorporates proper cleaning, as well as the application of disinfectants, and safe biohazard disposal, following any serious trauma or death. We understand our services are much more than cleaning, our trained technicians will respond quickly and compassionately to your home or business.

Our crime scene cleanup services are typically covered by insurance policies. Please don’t further traumatize yourself and expose yourself or loved ones to possible communicable diseases. Crime scene cleanup should be performed by those that have been professionally trained and know how to properly remove all traces of the event and all associated blood borne pathogens, communicable diseases, and bacteria. Most people don’t realize that a crime scene can be hazardous. Even if the victim was a friend or family member, it does not mean there are no dangers present.

During the crime scene cleanup process, fabrics and and other absorbent materials saturated with blood will need to be removed and disposed of with a licensed biohazard facility.

Fingerprint Dust Cleanup

If an investigation needs to be completed at a crime scene, you can also be left with a property covered in fingerprint dust that needs to be removed once law enforcement has finished their job.

Most people don’t know this, but fingerprint dust can be one of the most difficult and frustrating things to clean. It is made up of a black graphite powder that you do not want to get wet. It seems to spread faster than you can clean it. We have techniques and cleaning solutions we can use to properly remove and neutralize fingerprint dust, as well as, other substances that crime scene investigators use.

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