Vehicle Cleaning

The Local Trauma Clean team has experience working with local law enforcement, private security and rental car agencies in the Greater Vancouver Area to provide thorough biohazard cleaning services for vehicles.

Our team is fully certified and uses the latest state of the art technology to remove all traces of blood and any potentially infectious materials requiring gross decontamination, sanitization inside and outside of any vehicle. We provide our service for personal vehicles, patrol cars, trucks, prisoner transport vehicles, ambulances and K9 vehicles, inside and out including disassembling the interior of the vehicle to clean unknown biological hazards.

We are able to service any vehicle in your motor pool, so don’t delay in calling our team to help. We offer rapid response solutions, so that your vehicle won’t be out of rotation for long, and will be perfectly safe to use right away.

Vehicle Accidents

An accident where an animal or pedestrian is struck or run over can be very distressing for everyone involved. We’ll take care of everything, all you have to do is call. We’ll clean the exterior, and interior if needed as well as deodorize and decontaminate the vehicle to remove trace debris and odors.

Vehicle Suicides

Unfortunately, automobiles are a common place for suicides. Each job is unique and will be evaluated by one of our properly trained technicians. We can ensure that every nook and cranny has been cleaned and sanitized. If needed, we can dismantle necessary components, clean underneath carpet & padding and disinfect all of the involved areas.

Tragic accidents can render the interior of a vehicle a biohazard scene. But our team has the experience needed, cleaning both emergency and private vehicles after traumatic accidents, suicides, or decomposition accidents.

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