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Our certified and professional team are experts at hazardous cleaning, and restoring your home or business to its original state. We have seen some of the most extreme cases of hazardous cleaning, and are always prepared for the absolute worst.

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“Amazing people did wonders for me and my home after resident damage and I am so grateful!” – Nadine Das

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Our trained professionals are ready to go at a moments notice, and understand these situations are often sensitive and emotional. Our experts are specifically trained to provide professional, respectful services for any and all types of trauma events.

Vancouver Coastal Health (Richmond Mental Health and Housing Team)
“The group was wonderful! Very caring, professional, careful and understanding. They very quickly got a sense of who the client was (client was not there during the cleaning of her suite) and knew what to keep and what to throw away. And they didn’t need much guidance after the first 15min. This company has literally saved this client’s life with all the work they did. I work in healthcare with direct pt care but this group did more “life saving” in those 2 days than I did. I can’t say enough or say thank you enough!!! The client’s apartment went from a hoarder’s house (with a rodent infestation!) to brand new. Mike and his team are WONDERFUL!!!! They’ve saved this persons future health, her home and her dignity by their work.”

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Seriously Clean

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